Chronic headaches that don’t seem to go away, what should be done?

Question by Justin: Chronic headaches that don’t seem to go away, what should be done?
The girl I have been with for 3 years now has had chronic headaches in the upper regions of her head for about a year now. Mainly around her eyes and the front/top of her head. She has gone to the doctor countless times, and so far she has had a CT scan which showed nothing at all. Then she had another scan later on, and there was still nothing besides apparently having a sinus infection.

She will get headaches almost every single day, and the scans have ruled out the possibility of a tumor or any other type of growth causing pressure in her head. The sinuses seemed to be hit and miss, and her doctor has never diagnosed her with acute sinusitis or anything like that, nor does she give her treatment for sinuses rather than the one time.

She can go to bed without a headache, but she will wake up with an extremely painful one that lasts throughout the day. The constant medicine she takes has caused their effects to not be as strong and can also cause rebound headaches, which we know.

My question is, does this sound more likely to be and eye problem or would she need to see a chiropractor? She hasn’t had an eye exam in a long time, and she used to need glasses, but not for all-the-time use, just for reading. One theory I have is that her eyes have gotten a little weaker over time and she is putting a constant strain on them, causing her headaches around her eyes and upper head. But, this doesn’t exactly make total sense when applied to her going to bed without one and then waking with one.

That’s what brings me to the chiropractor, she may be getting headaches due to muscle tension and increased pressure on her spine and nerves when she sleeps. If she has a headache when she goes to sleep, it’s always worse when she wakes up.

She has no other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, blurred or doubled vision, only the headaches. I would like some secondary opinions on this. Like I said, she’s already had CT scans and the possibility of a tumor or anything of that nature have been ruled out. Thank you so much.

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Answer by Suzi
This sounds exactly like the problems I had! I was back and forth to an eye clinic for a month because mine started with shooting pains in my eyes. Eventually I was diagnosed with migraines and given medication for it. The symptoms sound very much like migraines to me.

I would recommend that you keep pressing the doctor for the diagnosis. Don’t just settle for a prescription that isn’t working. She shouldn’t have to put up with that.

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  1. benkai roshi says:

    I have heard from chiropractors that many ailments can be traced to tension in the spine as it is essential in sensation and reaction stimuli. Try the chiro out. He may find a region of the spine that is irregular, twitch it and she may be pain free thereafter. Besides the headaches, is there any stress in her life? Any personal problems she deals with? Even anticipation of the headache and worrying about its onset may trigger the problem. How is her diet? Does she excersize? Do anything you think would work.

    Good luck

  2. David says:

    sounds like migraines. maybe a neurologist would help. what a curse! my wife has a lot of headaches. she gets a combo of tension and sinus headaches. she was on a now banned arthritis med in 2004. this solved the headache problem while she was on it. no one could figure out why this happened. the med was vioxx. NO HEADACHES! she almost cried when it was pulled from the market.

  3. thatartistwin says:

    The gambit of things this could be is staggering. I just saw a television show that discussed a disease they nickname “the suicide disease” because the headaches are so painful… had to do with a pinched nerve in the brain. It could also be caused by food allergies. It could also be a tooth problem, such as an absess that has not been discovered or taken care of. It could be a problem in the home such as high levels of carbon monoxide……or even lead poisoning. A CT is only a part of what the tests should be…..have her get every test under the sun including blood tests.

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