Q&A: Cheap prescription migraine medication?

Question by Boston: Cheap prescription migraine medication?
I suffer from migraine headaches. The insurance through my work does not cover migraine medication at all (and there is no way to upgrade the insurance to a plan that pays for it). Does anyone know of any cheap prescription medication for migraines? I know that rizatriptan (Maxalt) works really well for me, but it costs $ 117 for 6 pills.

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Answer by bookreader ohio
there are organizations which will help pay for your meds. check with your doctor and see if you can get samples.

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  1. cassie h says:

    ephedrine always works for me but mine are only miner migraines

  2. Susan Yarrawonga says:

    Magnesium helps in some cases and you don’t need a prescription.

  3. Lisa says:

    Don’t know, but I take Relpax and it’s $ 5 a pill, just FYI

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