Dizziness, sinus pressure, headaches, blurry vision and more.?

Question by Answers: Dizziness, sinus pressure, headaches, blurry vision and more.?
I am nearly 16, a male and I have been having these following symptoms for almost 3 years. It started off with simple dizziness when I got up quickly, but progressed pretty quickly to dizziness during any physical activity. It stayed like that for about a year, so I guessed it was just not enough nutrition or something of that nature. But after it progressed to me seeing darkness when I wake up so everything appears dull for about an hour after I wake up. The headaches started about a year ago, and I would get them every week to the point of not being able to be in the same room with a light on due to it causing pain. I have abnormal growth, I am 6’5, 275lbs and I have been tested for “gigantism” and was not diagnosed. I also got extremely lazy throughout this ordeal due to having no energy. I am considered smart, but I have found myself becoming easily forgetful of simple things that I should remember, which is interfering with my school. I have been getting quite a bit of back problems, which I am pretty sure is just because of the rapid growth. I also get flu’s quite often, but for the past 6 months I have not gotten a single which I find odd. I am now getting sinus pressure, which is not bad unless I quickly turn my head, it become extremely painful. I have slight tinnitus, which started around 3 years ago. I have constantly shaky hands which I get people commenting on everyday because I am at such a young age for this to occur. I also have been getting extremely dry skin lately. Currently I am about to set up an appointment with a doctor, but I’d like to know what may be going on.

Thank you for any input,

Hunter A.

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Answer by Mags
I’m stumped. There is no question that you may need additional lab tests covering a broad range of possibilities..

You are probably correct about the lack of energy being attributable to the growth spurt. The back issues are most likely due to the same cause but nothing should be dismissed. You probably have more than one issue such as allergies or sinusitis. Don’t omit the flu episodes especially if you were on any medications.

Make a chronological chart of your symptoms whether you still have them or not – this should begin when you began your growth spurt unless other symptoms came earlier..
Symptoms in the left column
Your age at the time of the first appearance of the symptom in the next column
If you know your height at the appearance of each symptom, put that in the 3rd column
In the forth column add any medication, OTC med, supplements taken as treatment for each symptom.
In the 5th column indicate your levels of exercise, sports and diet (caffeinated drinks, unsweetened drinks) at the time when a symptom appeared

You could be experiencing migraines, you could be hypoglycemic or have hypertension.

It is possible that you have Klinefelter’s syndrome although I would have thought that would have been tested when they were testing for gigantism. I’m sure your doctor will also look at adrenal function as well as hormone levels.

It also sounds as if your rapid growth has caused stress on your body as well as your psychological well-being. Anxiety can cause the dizziness when you waken as well as the shaky hands. It might also affect your vision and energy level. Certainly rapid growth can cause hypertension in which patients can manifest several symptoms similar to yours.

Of course dizziness can also be a symptom of cardiovascular issues or the sinus issues since you have pressure which causes pain with movement. Where is that pain? Face below or around the eyes? Behind or below your ears? Forehead?

You used the expression “lazy” when it is possible that having no energy simply saps your ability to perform at the level which you (and others) expect of you. It isn’t laziness – it is exhaustion.

The dry skin can be related to several medical issues or dietary deficiencies. You do need to be checked for B2 (riboflavin) and serotonin levels if they haven’t been checked already.

Do you feel as if your blood pressure increases after eating certain foods? Are you taking OTC pain relievers? Do you have any known food allergies?

Hunter, I will mention that my father achieved his full growth by the time he was 12 years of age. He did have migraines, allergies, some vision issues and eventually cardiovascular issues.

Your doctor should be looking at a broad scope of possibilities and order several different types of tests. Your symptom chart might help the diagnostic process.

Best wishes

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